Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since when...

does a music download site serve as a dating/hook-up site?

Chachi...an old boyfriend of mine turned me on to a music download site. I recently purchased a 4G MP3 player and have been downloading music for it. I got a message from a guy with his phone number, wanting to hook-up!!! I replied that I was only there for the music, but I don't think the fool understands. When I log on, even if I have 'busy' as my status, he sends messages wanting to meet (he lives in a town close by).

I dont' get it. I don't have a photo posted nor any info, other than my location. Yet, he wants to 'get it on' without even knowing what I look like, etc. The last time he sent something (this morning at 8 am) I replied that my husband doesn't like it when I 'hook up with strange men.' It didn't deter him once!

What an idiot! Can we all say "Blocked?"

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