Friday, May 23, 2008

What a day!

Not been a bad one at all.

Yesterday I was told I came highly recommended by a Lumbee Indian guy I have done quite a bit of work for in recent years. The guy he recommended told me all sorts of compliments this customer gave me. I was happy to hear this...then the recommended guy said, "Please don't let anything happen to this pictures or my mother will kill me."

I said I would take good care of them, but he wouldn't let it rest, he kept saying, "don't hurt them."

What did this guy think I was gonna do with them? Throw a party and watch them get drunk and vomit all over themselves.

So I smiled and said in a very gentle and comforting voice. "Photographs are like people to me--they are treated with the upmost respect. I don't abuse or harm people, nor do I abuse or harm photographs."

This calmed him. He left happy with my prices and confident in my work. Then this morning he called, frantic about what his mother had to say about a few of the photos that were in old timey paper photo frames--he wanted them left in the frames and copied. ToooOOooo late... I had them out and they were already copied. But I didn't let him know it. I just said, "Remember your mother's photos are in good hands." Once again he was calmed by my soft firm voice.

I'm printing his order now... just so the originals can get back and sound before he and his mother have a nervous breakdown.


On a lighter note, I've already been offered a job .... managing a printing shop. How about that? A newspaper man that we do business with is renovating an old store and is entertaining the idea of opening a printing service. He's 90% sure he'll do it and I told him that I would keep it in mind and if I was offered a job that starts immediately, I would check with him first.

While he was here talking to Dad, I overheard Dad tell him about the studio building being sold and that I was gonna find a job and work my restorations on the side. When the guy heard this, he shouted, "Sherrie, I've got a job offer for you."

I jokingly said, "Working in your harem?"

Dad cleared his throat, so I got serious and listened to the job offer.

I would be perfect for me...I've got lots of experience working design and I understand printing perfectly. Maybe he'll hustle on the renovations now that he knows I'm available but still looking.

And on to another topic. A couple of friends from an erotica site I'm on...(that no one who reads here knows about) turned me on to a new social site that is deliciously sexy. I've been goofing off there instead of my usual haunts that I visit while online during work. In fact, I may delete my erotica group and move my stuff there.

It's refreshing to find a spot that I can let my hair down at and not worry what people think.


I'm very worried about my friend Sam...aka...Blue. He has a detacted retina and when I talked to him yesterday he was very bummed out. I was in a very good mood and filled in the silence with silly banter and some jokes. I kept apologizing for it but he said, "I like it when you're like this. I need your laughter to lift me up."
After we chatted for another 30 mins, I could tell his spirits were up and I felt better about his mental state. So say a prayer for him... will ya?


Well, Granny arrives today. She's not doing that great. I hope this visit will refresh her a bit. I'm sure I'll find time to blog this weekend, since I'm not going to Al's.

Enjoy your Friday... I am.

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