Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Fun!

I had forgotten that the Mid-Atlantic Fly-In was going on. My house is not far from the airport and the planes are flying by. It's sort of exciting to see them. The show is always the same weekend my family reunion is on. I always say that after the reunion I'm gonna drive over and see some of the show but I never do.

Doing my cooking for the reunion now. My brother decided to go spend the night at my Uncle's house. My mom is at her boyfriend's place. The nephews are at home with their mom...and I'm alone.

The house is quiet. The windows are up and a breeze is drifting in. Another plane is flying by as I type... it's drowning out the sound of my neighbor's lawnmower. Later I need to water some of the flowers...the ground is already dry...I dread this summer and the drought we'll probably have.

My chicken is cooking. My eggs are cooling and the jello I made for the kids is chillin'. All I need now is a glass of wine ...and I'm set for the evening.

Al called with some great news. He's #30 in sales nationwide and #1 store-wide. He also won a $100 gift certificate to any high end restaurant in town. He said, "Sher-bears, take out that low-cut dress and dust off your heels. We're going to dine at any place you want."

I jokingly said, "Why the low-cut dress? You can't have me for dessert."

"True, but I can drool on the display case."

Well, I should go check the chicken, then clear off my digital camera and... find time to watch the first Narnia brother wants me to go with him to see this new installment...

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