Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday is Sunday is...

Fun day?

It's only 1 pm and I am very tired already. I had a very busy Saturday--between printing orders, I started cleaning out the back area where we store things. I piled a bunch of junk by the back door...grabbed two arm loads and trotted to the big dumpster...only to find it already full!! I noticed the top was open (its a tall dumpster with a top and two windows to dump stuff in. I couldn't open the I threw my stuff up and over into the top of the dumpster. Felt like I was playing basketball.

Went to my room early last night after hanging with Granny for a while. She's not as bad as Jewel (her hubbie) makes out. I think he loads her up on sleeping pills and pain meds, because she sleeps all the time. She doesn't do that here, but I also believe with so many people popping in to see her it stimulates her mind more. When she first got here, she was groggy and in a fog. But I noticed yesterday and today she's more alert to what's around her and is talking more.

I just did her nails for her--filed and polished them a pretty spring pink. She's ready to take a nap I think. SO I better finish this post.

Went to my Uncle Bobby's storage trailer this morning and got a gazillion things out of it for the yard sale. His daughter-in-law had a candy/ice cream counter in the mall and closed it down 4 yrs ago...she loaded all her stuff in his trailer--to the top and he said I could get what I wanted to put on the yard truckload of stuff didn't touch a 1/4 of it. I've got all sorts of stainless steel trays, utensils, etc..and an air machine for balloons, doors, scoopers, fudge trays...and on and on... I'm gonna have to make a trip to Fayetteville after dump it at Al's.

I guess I'll have make a few trips to get everything... unless I can get him to come down on his day off this Wed. to help me get stuff.

He's off goofing with his bud Rodney. Happy as can be. He needs the exercise and fellowship... after he gets done, we're going to dinner.

And then back to Fayetteville to drop off my yard sale stuff... good thing I'm taking tomorrow off.

That's it for now...I'll return sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Be cool...or stay cool...

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