Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama Wins NC

No surprise there...

I got in an arguement with a Democrat while waiting to vote. And the topic was about the Democratic ticket. The person--a very opinionated woman declared that the decision of who would take NC was clearly a racial one.

I disagreed. I said that if Obama did pull it off that it wouldn't be based on race, it would be based on the fact that many people are feed-up with the Clintons--they're in our face every time we turn around. Here I am...a Republican...waiting to vote and get drawn into a Democratic battle. All around me people were saying "I'm voting for Obama." And 99.9 percent were White!

How can that be a racial decision?

One guy said, "Bill Clinton had his eight years of Presidency. He doesn't need anymore."

A lady a few years younger than me said, "I got sick of seeing him plastered on the newspaper and television. Didn't he visit every town in Robeson County? His smugness gets under my skin."

I read somewhere online last week after Bill came to L'ton that he said in so many words "I've talked a lot of people over to Hiliary's side." Maybe he did but it sure didn't help her in NC.

Our country is in need of repair. And sadly I see no great choice in our pickings for Presidency. All I can do is hope that God has some plan for us and to keep the faith.

But I do know one thing I wish...

that the 'race' card would get torn in two...and for people to see our candidates for what they can do for the country and not what 'color' their skin happens to be.

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