Thursday, January 19, 2006

While My Printer Hums

Thought I would invest some quality time with my blog. I haven't had time this week to write like I've wanted too. It's very important to have a great relationship, because without the closeness, how will I ever be able to write so openly?

There are many moments when I wonder if I should put it all out there? If I should bare so much of myself? TO be so open is a bane oft times. Some people are appalled at the boldness, some are excited and others shake their heads in disbelief. There are vultures lurking in the shadows, waiting for a drop of blood or flesh that's ripped out of my heart--anything to feed on so that they can feel their miserable little lives are far better than mine.

So I write. I write what comes to mind, what feels 'write' at the moment, whether I should or shouldn't. I write for myself. That's the key. So it doesn't matter if there's doesn't matter if I get bushels of readers praising my cleverness, or drooling over my legs glad in fishnet. I write for myself, for my soul...I write because I can.

Where is all this leading? To a post about sex? Zackly!

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