Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PJ and Styrofoam Coolers

One of my old college roommates emailed me today. We had a laugh over an old memory, one I had forgotten.

She works at ECU and mentioned that some of the students who work under her were discussing a party they had over the weekend at one of the dorms. They made PJ (A punch like drink that has Everclear alcohol in it along with fruit) and put in it a stryofoam cooler. And the results were a disaster.

Joyce wrote:

"Sherrie, remember when we roomed together and Susie and Amy had a PJ party? I had to study for an exam and when I came back to the dorm, I heard a lot of shouting when I got off the elevator. As I walked to our room, it got louder. I realized it was coming from their room, so I went in and there you were, standing in a chair in the middle of the room, shouting at Susie. Remember her boyfriend? That wild eyed guy named Howie or Hugh or something like that? He was sitting on Susie's desk, egging you on. Susie and Amy were mixing up PJ. They were pouring in the Everclear and you were yelling, "It's going to eat the cooler. Stryofoam and Everclear don't mix. Stop it! Stop the madness. You'll ruin everything. The carpet. What if it eats through the floor, we'll fall through."

You went on and on and they ignored you. Remember what happened about thirty minutes later? The cooler sprang a leak and that ugly lime green carpet they had in their room began to turn pink. And you yelled from your perch on that stupid chair, "SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!"

They made a wild dash trying to pour the PJ into every container they could find. You didn't move off your perch and that Howie/Hugh guy fell over laughing so hard that I thought he was having a seizure.

That was a wild night. You were so funny. I can see you standing on that chair, telling them to "Stop the Madness." lol

Those were fun times."


I had forgotten that. She's right they were fun times. I remember it now. Hugh... his name was Hugh and when he hung out with us, he rarely spoke. I believe he was absorbing our girl talk for future references. I remember how they didn't listen to me and I said, "I told you so" for a year.

Ah...those ECU years... they were fun times.

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