Monday, January 23, 2006

Foggy Today..

Man, the fog is so thick you could make a pie out of it. It's almost noon and it hasn't burned off yet, either. Plus it's a sneaky cold...the kind that sneaks up and slacks your ass and says, "I'm here."

Had an interesting weekend. Kept the boys Friday night. We had fun playing with Batman and his mobile. All of us were in bed fairly early. Sat morning was a good morning too. I made pancakes. Mom came over at about 10 am and I got ready for work. As soon as I went outside and saw the condensation on the truck I knew it wouldn't fire...that the engine was wet. So I opened the hood and got an old cloth and blotted the wetness. Time was flying and I needed to get to work, so I got the leaf blower and blew the engine dry. As I was doing that, I saw a flash of red.

It was Ben. He was running around the huge Oak try in his Superman costume complete with a cape. He looked so cute. Then I noticed William. He was wearing his Batman costume--cape too. They came over and helped me with the truck. After I got it fired up, I was putting stuff away and saw the boys standing under the Oak, up on the roots. They were so cute--in their costumes. I smiled and said, "You boys are Aunt Sherrie's Good Little Helpers."

Willam gave me a half-smile and replied in a very condensending voice "We aren't sidekicks. We're Super Heroes."

I laughed. "Well what am I?"

"Your Super Garage Woman."

I got a kick out of that. .... Got to work an hour late but managed to get a lot done. After work I went to Walmart. On the way home, I called Al and left a message. Hadn't heard from him and was wondering what was up. The last time we had talked he was all smoochy, lovey dovey...I'm your man--you're my woman.

Called my brother too who informed me that he had bad news. I figured it was something Mom had done. She's always trying to do stuff for me and ending up making a mess.

But I was wrong... Our PC had the "Blue Screen of Death" amount of anything would fix it. We went to San Jose for supper and had some delicious Mex food. Once we got home, I worked on the PC for 5 hours. Finally got it working through sheer luck and was able to save all our files. Yippeeeee... (Dancing like Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

Called Al one more time. He was home and has been sick all week. And if I had checked the voice mail on my cell phone, I would have known sooner that he had called at least 4 times. Silly me... keep forgetting about the phone.He asked me to visit him Sunday be there early and wake him up 'Sherrie style.' I would tell you what that means but ... some mysteries in life should remain just that...a mystery.

We had a great day and night. I swear it's so easy to fall back into our old relationship--at the spot we were before he fell into his bad time. I kept saying, "This doesn't mean we're back together." He would laugh and say, "You're here. And... you'll be back." He's right ... I will.

I don't know what's going to happen...but I'm happy and so far that's all that matters.

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