Thursday, January 26, 2006

Forgettable Face

Wow... I have a forgettable face. Now...I know I'm a plain jane..average to a fault. (One of my Greenville friends said he had almost forgotten what I looked like after receiving a current picture of me. I reminded him it was over a year ago--Jan 2, 2005 to be exact when he last saw me. HE said he knew I would know the date--yes I'm teasing him with this post).

I've been thinking though... wonder what I can get away with... if my face is forgettable, I imagine I can get by with a lot of decedence.

"Yes Officier, I saw it. A woman ran into the Gold's Gym Locker room, flashed everyone and then ran off with an arm load of Jock Straps."

"Sir, can you describe her?"

"Mmmhmmm she was 5'3" or so, reddish hair and ...damn... I can't remember much about her face. Average. She looked average."

"Sir, it would help if you could be more specific."

"I can describe her tits to a T. Will that help?"

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