Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Left Behind?

I just received a call from Al which has cracked me up to no end.

The phone rang and I answered it like always.

He said, "What ya wearing?"

I laughed, "Hey Al."

He said, "Sher-bare, you didn't leave anything behind!"

Not understanding his remark, I repeated the last part as a question, "Anything behind?"

"Yes, like an earring or a ring...a glove or your favorite lipstick."

"I made sure I had everything." I laughed and patiently waited for him to make his point. With Al, it's always the long road.

"Don't you want a guaranteed return visit?" He asked.

Then it hit me... "How to lose a guy in 12 days" (or whatever that movie's name is...with Kate Hudson.) The girl left an object at the guy's house so she would have a reason to contact him, if he didn't call back.

He continued, "Every woman I've had over at the house for dinner or to watch a movie, has left something. Except you."

"Was it good stuff?"

"What?" He asked.

"The things they left behind?"

"Nothing that looked good on me."

I laughed, then said very seriously, "You know Al, all I left behind was great memories of a wonderful weekend. If they don't guarantee me an invite back, no amounts of jewelry, gloves, scarves or even undies left will either."

He laughed, "You make a good point." Then he cleared his voice, dropped it an octave and asked, "Soooo, what ya wearing?"


John said...

so, dammit, what are you wearing?

Painter Lady said...

I'll show you mine... if you show me yours!