Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Belly Dancing is Dancing!

Last fall, two women joined our aerobic belly dancing class. From day one, they griped about the exercises and how they didn't see how it was belly dancing. I was disappointed to see that they were back in the class this winter. At the first class two weeks ago, they griped so badly that I stayed late to talk to Babs, our instructor. She said that she didn't know what to say to them that she hasn't said before...that the exercises are 'belly dance' steps. As we talked I had an epiphany...

"Babs, why don't you create a dance incorporating the steps in the exercise routine? Show them. You know, 'seeing is believing!'"

She said, "You're on to something."

So last week, before we began our exercise routine, Babs came into the room in full 'Belly Dance regala' complete with a golden cane. She danced for 20 minutes. And she employed every section of our routine into the dance. When she was finished, we gave her a standing ovation. It was beautiful. The gripers didn't say one word.

Tonight we have dance class and I'm wondering if they'll continue their campaign. If they do, I think I'll have to speak up.

It's like this...if you doubt what you're doing, you'll never see progress.

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