Thursday, January 19, 2006


I've been very tired at night lately, probably due to being so sick the other week. I'm in bed by 9:30 and sleeping soundly until the shrill laughter of Sheri of the Bob and Sheri radio show fame, wakes me up. I know I dream. When I wake up, wisps of the dream cling to my eyelashes. Usually, as I bat them away, I lose the dream.

This morning I didn't. Maybe because it wasn't Sheri's shrill laugh that woke me, but Bob's seductive voice. I lingered in the edges of the dream, actually remembering it. I thought I would lose it with the soapy water as I showered but I didn't. Nor did this morning's cup of Chocolate Velvet coffee steam it away.

The drive to work was wrought with farmers hauling in things on the backs of big trucks. I figured I would lose the dream, as I drove in frustration at 35 mph the three miles to the studio. But it rode along with me.

For the last hour, I've been printing and working on some orders. One would think that any type of dream from the night before would be complete vapor, but that's not the case. As the printer whips out the masterpieces that I've created, I think I'll write out the dream. After all, there are guest appearances in it.

These are the people who appeared in my dream:

Jeri--my very last roommate in G'ville
Wes--my friend from the men's store next-door
King John--my bloggin' buddy and partner-in-some-crimes
Jeff Probst--Survivor reality show host
Jeff D--my DJ friend from G'ville
Susie--a chick I used to party with in the Pecker days of Yor.

And a few other people either I made up or are real people I've seen in crowds, etc.

The dream is about Survivor...the show. In my dream I woke up and was in a motel room with Jeri, Wes and Susie--all standing over me. Jeri said, "She's awake."

Wes said, "I'm outta here. She's going to be mad."

Susie said, "No she won't. Not when we tell her about Jeff Probst."

I looked at Jer and said, "Where am I and why do I have insect bites all over me?"

She cleared her throat and said, "You at a motel in Panama and you've been on Survivor for 39 days and nights."

"What? How did I get on Survivor?"

"I tricked you. Remember that guy at Dave's party? (Dave was our old upstairs neighbor who threw wild parties.) The one was putting rabbits in trances?" (remember dear reader--this is a dream and doesn't make sense in parts).

"I think so."

"He hypnotized you so that you would go on Survivor with us."

" did I look after a week?" I was thinking back to how bad most of the constestants look after a few days--not to mention 39 days!

"Not too bad. Your hair had a cowlick thing on the side but we braided it and stuck bird feathers in it."

Bird feathers! Lordy!

They began to tell me the story.... parts of it are fuzzy. From what I can remember, Jeri said everyone loved me. I was their chosen one. Even Jeff Probst loved me. In fact, he had to remove himself from his lofty hosting position and call in Jeff D--the DJ to replace him because he declared that regardless of winning the million dollars I would get him as a prize.

Jeff D took over the hosting job with ease. He did play by play reporting--something Jeff P doesn't do much of and impressed everyone with his Curly from the three stooges impressions.

The one person who kept getting votes but lasted until the final days was King John. He was labeled "Barb Wire Man", because his wit was so sharp he pricked everyone. His great athletic abilities kept him off the chopping block until I made some master place to out him....and it worked.

In the end, I out witted, out lasted and out played everyone. I won a million bucks and got to take home the golden prize of Jeff Probst...all under hypnosis.

You know...that sort of sucks! It would be nice to have remembered doing it!

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