Thursday, January 26, 2006

Computer and Penises

..I'm getting a new system for the studio.
Dad's gone to pick it up in Fayetteville now.
Am I working? Hell, no...I'm goofing off quite a bit.
Tomorrow I'll probably be offline, setting the system up
and doing all the fun things that go with a new computer.

This morning I checked my mail and found a letter to the webmistress.
It was from a guy who did a search for the Burger King King and my article from Nov came up in the search. He swore he was the BK King and that he would show me his 'Big Breakfast Sandwich.'

It was a penis...a rather average plain dick penis. Nothing special...though he had it lubed so it was shiny..but not shiny enough to distract me.

I sent him a reply. In it was a picture I have of a huge that's big enough to wear a stretch band watch around it...and beside the penis for referrence to size is a Bud beer can. All I said to him was, "Too bad mine's bigger."

Next I blocked his address.

What's up with guy's showing their wee willies to strangers online? Anyone have a clue?

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