Thursday, January 19, 2006

F'ing Forwards

I enjoy most forwards--those wrought with humor.

Not crap like this:

Subject: Fwd: Four days only: shop online, save 20%

Subject: Fwd: Christian Singles in Your Area

Subject: Fwd: Save at Target: One Day Only

The problem is that the girl(who is a reader from a message board I post poetry on) who sends them is very sensitive and when I complain, she sends ten emails apologizing and about as many of those stupid e-greeting cards apologizing. If I don't pick up the cards in a timely manner, I get another 10 emails asking why do I hate her.

I'm I lose a reader over forwards or do I simply delete them and ignore the fact that she believes her Spam is my treasure?

Or I could start forwarding her my Spam.... wonder how she'll take the "Soft C.I.A.L.I.S" spam? Or the "Hung like Pony Happy Girls" one I get occassionally? Hmmm... Think I'll find out.

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