Monday, January 23, 2006

oh yea...

I forgot to add these:

1) I'm taking Tuesday off. William is out of school and I promised him an 'our' day. So I won't be online...much.

2) Football...during the pre-game shows I told Al that the Steelers and the Seahawks were going to win and they would have the same score. I was freaking right! Which caused him to give me strange looks...he's very superstitious. And hates it when I do stuff like that...

3) The other week, during the Al Jitters, I was going to do a Tarot reading for a good friend, but couldn't concentrate. So I put the card that represents her "The Queen of Wands face up on top of the deck and rewrapped it in the silk scarf I keep it wrapped in. Saturday night, I decided to read for her and do a reading for myself. I opened the scarf and saw only the back of the deck. I thought I had dropped the Queen of Wands on the floor during the unwrapping process but I hadn't. I frantically looked through the deck and found it about freaking me out. I couldn't do a reading. I wrapped the deck and hid it in my sock drawer. Maybe I'll conquer my fear and try to do the reading tonight. Jeez... I just remembered, I need to do the Taroscopes for Feb's issue. Guess I'll have to conquer my fear regardless.

I think that's all.... If not... I'll be back.

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