Friday, July 25, 2008

hey... it's MY identity

The Social Security Adminstration is in a new building and I had to get a new SS card. So I went at lunch time on Wednesday. The security officer acted like Barney Fife...I swear he was a total riot all because he thought he was so important. He kept telling everyone to make sure our cell phones were on vibrate because 'this is a government building', although no 'cell phone' signs were up. And that's how he ended his sentences: "...because this is a government building." One kid ran all over the place and around our chairs and he told the grandmother "Madame secure that child. This is a government building." I swear I almost started laughing.

There was a partial wall between the waiting room and the 3 windows you were called to--not any privacy at you can discuss your SS issue and everyone can hear you talk to the SS worker behind the window. It has been drilled in my head that we are to keep our SS#'s when I heard the workers ask for SS#s and people answering back with their numbers... it totally shocked me. I could have written down at least 6 different numbers and their private info like..birth dates, answers to secret questions like "what's your mother's maiden name."

When it was my turn I wrote down my number, held it up so she could read it and the dumbass woman called it back to me! She wanted me to tell her what address I wanted my card sent too and I said "The same as on my license" and she called it back to me!! Here I am trying to keep my info private and the SS worker is shouting it out! Drove me nuts! I'm thinking of writing a letter to the editor of our newspaper.

Am I wrong in thinking that our government is a collective ass?


Stephen B said...

Well gosh, I reckon the guvment is doing us all a favor by giving these people jobs and getting them off the street. No one else is likely to do it!

John said...

If they were rocket scientists, they'd be workin' at the cape.

You're right though, and you have every reason to be upset. Any self respecting identity theif could hang out there with a little tape recorder, go home and go to town. Those people need to be made aware of they value of the information they're dealing with....and stop worrying about cell phones in a government building.