Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday seems like..

another Tuesday.

Boy is this month flying by!! Birthday madness starts July 31 with my sister's birthday. I'm geared up for it I guess.

I'm taking tomorrow off to take care of some business and see my eye doc. So if I don't blog or drop by your place to say hi..well, that's why.

Had a fun week. I made a new friend. A girl named Michele who's retired military and has a plant business. She's close to my age and very hippie girly and funny. She's a good story-teller. We had a light dinner at the Blue Moon Cafe Saturday night and then went to a coffee shop on Sunday. She introduced me to a lot of people at both places. If I do get my own business going, she'll be a great person to help me network and stuff.

I am glad I met her because I wasn't bored all weekend and didn't mind doing some house chores for Al who has been sick with a respiratory bug. I think it came from not having air for almost a week and there wasn't much circulation going on along with the cat being in the house... at least that's what I think. He sounded better today...

and he got roadrunner so now I'll be able to go online at his house. But to be honest, I doubt I'll do it much...Michele has a lot of things planned for us to do...like the theatre and she's going to have a wine and cheese party soon.

I sorta worry that Al will think I've gone 'single' and will find someone while I'm out catting with Michele. He hasn't met her yet. I told him a while back that I was going to find some friends to hang out with while he's working and when he's off, I will be there with him. And I informed him a head of time about doing things with Michele.

When I got back to his house Sat night, I was in a fun and laughing mood...then he came home and was 'miserable.' None of my jobs were received, he grumbled about a lot of things and I had to quell my mood so that it didn't annoy him. I know he was sick and didn't feel all that great, so I didn't let it bother me.

Boy am I rambling on about things.

Back to work...

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