Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Gil Grissom... no more on CSI? He's the heart of it. I could stand Sara being gone and it pains me a little that Warwick is dead...

but Gil..

I realize William Peterson is an actor and needs to try new things but it won't be the same without him or Warrick. I understand Sara is coming back.

I guess it will be ok..I'll adjust. I have to remember when Gil took a leave for a few weeks and they had the new CSI guy show up for a few episodes and then killed him once Gris got back.

Maybe I'll survive.. maybe CSI will too.


Bob said...

I heard it this morning, I'm thinking it will be the end of the show... he was The Man, to me, on the show... and I can't imagine who they could ever get that would keep it going... kind of like Law and Order:CI for me, the one guy is leaving and Jeff Goldblum is coming in... Ugh, I can't stand JG, he's just too... out there when he acts!

Painter Lady said...

No way... I can't imagine him fitting in. He only knows how to play himself! Wasn't he just on some sort of tv show this year that got canceled.

I think that they should give the lab geeks more story lines..I love hating Hodges and that Wendi chick is really cool.