Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A sorta rant

I have a few moments before I run off to do all the fun things I need to do for today and since I was logged in from replying to Robert's blog post about a 'monster' of my youth, I figured I would pop out a post.

Yesterday while shuffling stuff around in my purse to rescue a stick of gum, I accidentally removed my billfold and placed it beside my purse...and when I left work it stayed behind. I didn't notice until this morning when I looked for it to put some $$ in it that was in my short's pocket from the day I had to drive to work at 8 am to get it...and while I was out I decided to gas up.

The closest station from the studio is called "Go Gas" and it's fairly cheap, so there's always a line. You either pay at a drive thru booth or at the pump. Now... I always pull up and go to the tank at the end of the lane. It's tempting to stop at the very first but that means that no one can get to the two tanks ahead of me. So I pull up. It's not hard to up a few yards and the others behind you can pull up and get tanked too.

This morning... while I was gassing up, I watched three cars stop at the first tank on three lanes, knowing there were others behind them wanting to gas up and couldn't because there's no room to pull around them to get to the waiting tanks. I always get a little miffed at people who do this to me... so I silently gave the cars the evil eye and hoped that one day soon they'll have to sit forever behind a vehicle that could of pulled up.

One thing about cars that do this is that they are never in a'll see them searching for change or something on the floor board or they have to talk on their cell phone for a moment or two, while you idle behind them.

I'm thinking about getting a bull horn so that I can yell at drivers and people on the road (like bikes that ride in the middle of the road) when they get on my nerves. Course I'll have to remember to roll the window down when I do this or I'll go deaf...

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John said...

those people are one of my biggest driving pet peeves....them and people who park in the fire lane in front of stores (who, when they waddle out, are the people who could use the walk from the parking lot more than a lot of us, and my dad is one of the worst offenders...and he hates it when I tell him so)