Thursday, July 17, 2008


I had a great time with William yesterday. He was in a talkative mood and he talked while I had an early dinner. (He had already had his). One time while talking about his mom he said, "you know my other mom, Lisa"...his other mom! It blew my mind.

Anyway, he told me a long drawn out story that was funny and very well put together. He even did some dialogue between characters. Then I told him one and he loved it. I realized at that moment that for my challenge I would write a children's book... an adventure sort ...see if I can make it funny and exciting. The boys seem to really love my I think it will be a success.

Dad's been fighting with his doctor's office chicks and the local pharmacy. They can't seem to communicate regarding his medicine refills. Every month he waits until he's got two pills left in a prescription and then calls the refill in...but there's no refill and the pharmacy has to fax his doctor and so on... I told him today that he knows this is going to happen and not to wait so late to get things filled. I really have no patience for whining about things you can control!

One of my cousin's is really the worse for telling stuff without knowing if it's true. I guess I believed her on this certain situation that she spread some misguided untruths about because it is such an important thing and I would like to think she would be really sure the info was correct before saying anything. Heresay should be a crime... lol... oh boy there goes all the politicans in the world.

I'm sort of goofing off today with an old restoration order that the lady is paying $5 a month on. It's a very damaged piece and I'm about 45% done...and she overs over 60% on I just work at it once a month for a few days. She's on a budget and the cost of living has increased rapidly this she's not able to pay as much as she used to. I do the work and never pressure her for more money. I guess that's why I'm not rich as some people could get doing my job. But I believe in being fair.

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