Friday, July 18, 2008

TG.. TG..TG ...IF

Yippee... it's Friday. I'm taking tomorrow off and am so darn happy. Even if it's Raining right now and my truck window is cracked a little and it's probably raining on my seat.

It's Friday.. let's do a TGIF dance. Anyone know a fun one to do?

As happy as I 'girls' aren't. They hate the bra I chose for today. Let's hope there's no plan for a mutiny. They talk amongst themselves too much as is...

I've been downloading some free audio books online. If you want to know of one site that has free audio books (mainly the classics) let me know. I've downloaded "Treasure Island", "The Turn of the Screw--by Henry James", Stuff by HG Wells, etc... I love listening to these stories when I'm too tired to read at night.

Anyone been catching any of the "Fear Itself" shows? I've seen a few....and last night's was really good: Zombies! I am afraid of Zombies and almost didn't make it through the show. The ending was really good!

I have a confession to make. I secretly want to see Mama Mia!

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