Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hip-no-technical .........Freaky Me!

Nephew William is at work with me today. He decided he needed a change of routine, so he asked if he could come to work with me. I said he could but he would have to stay the whole day because I had things to do. But in all honesty, I will take him back to my house if he wants to go, because it's only a 5 min drive and I can put a note on the door.

He's become more interactive with all of us this summer. Yesterday he demonstrated his new hip-no-technical dance. He hummed as he danced a really cool little routine and I realized I knew the song, but wasn't sure from where I had heard it. So I asked where he learned that dance and he took me on a very wild ride to the internet... yahoo kids..where there's a game ... a Mr. Bean's Holiday game..if you saw the movie then you know there's a scene where he dances to music hoping to get money. And if you know anything about Mr. Bean--it's gonna be hilarious. So..I watched William make Mr. Bean dance and it was so funny I had to get up and dance just like Mr. B.

Hip-no-technical Freaky Me!

My sister doesn't like Mr. Bean. She says he's freaky. I say he's only getting his freak on.

Here's the link to the game... why not take a moment to get freaky with Mr. Bean.

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