Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hits and Misses and...BBQ

Well, I am so happy this work week is almost over. I've decided to take a long weekend, because I could use it.

I've been busy with some restoration work that will appear on my website later. I'm almost finished and plan to leave work once I'm done. There are two projects that will be waiting for me first thing Monday...but I'll mentally prepare myself for them so I can pop them out like a bad pimple.

If you've noticed my avatar, you'll notice she's got shorter hair. Mine has been driving me crazy with it's long length and I had it wacked to my shoulders. Much..much cooler. I think I must have been out of my mind to think I could go until my birthday without cutting it..geez it would have been almost to my butt. Glad my sanity returned.

Ben and I were playing 'interview' yesterday. I asked him questions and he would answer them, such as 'What's your favorite vegetable?' His answer was "strawberries and apples." Course I naturally corrected him. Most of the answers were normal for a 6-year-old...

Then I asked him which he would rather do "kiss a girl or kiss a frog" fully expecting him to say "kiss a frog." But oh no...not Ben, he said "I've already kissed a girl. I kissed Abby ____"

I looked at him over my glasses and said, "You kissed Little Miss Abby." (She's been his girlfriend since they were like...3)... he started giggling. So I continued, "Go get me the phone. I'm calling her mother. Abby has to live in a tower now. She kissed a boy before she was 21."

Mom heard me and she laughed... "She's a little Princess and has to live in a tower for the brave Knight Ben to rescue."

I shook my head, "No, she has to live in a tower because Ben kissed her."

I watched Ben's reaction to what we were saying and I swear that little bird was so proud of himself...for kissing a girl.

William and I watched Lazytown this morning..I swear I could totally devour Sportacus in one breath.

A few people have invited me over for BBQ's and stuff tomorrow. Not sure which invitation I'll accept. Al has to work tomorrow and Saturday. He's off Sunday and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't planning another golf day with his unreliable pal R.L.

Hmm... maybe I'l find some fireworks some place...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


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