Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Say.. "Cheese"

Yesterday I was working away at the front desk, logging in orders when Harry a friend of Dad's came by with his 4-yr-old grandson, Cole.

Cole always wants to help me do stuff, so I sent him over to the kids' corner, where I have books and some kids chairs and a table and had him "straighten" it up for me.

Harry and Dad settled down for a long talk... Harry who just had a Colonoscopy was telling Dad about it. I tried to block it out until Cole's little head popped up from the Mickey Mouse book he was looking at and he asked, "What's that Grandpa? Whats a coinopsopy?"

Harry looked uncomfortable. Dad looked amused and I was ever watchful, wondering how he was going to answer this one. Harry looked at me for help and I quickly looked down at my log sheet.

Ole King Cole wasn't going to let it go. "You're not telling meeeeee." He sorta sang it.

"Err..um..er, let's see...the doctor takes a light and a small camera and looks at my colon to see if it's ok."

Cole said, "Where?" He was confused. I think he thought Harry meant a coin. Because he came over and tried to put his little hand in Harry's pocket.

Harry turned 3 shades of red. I think he realized the kid wasn't going to let it drop so he said, "Colon. The Doctor went up my butt hole with a camera and a light and took some pictures."

Cole stood there silent, taking it all in and then said, "Did you smile?"

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Bob said...

Lol, that is the best, lol... should send that in to Reader's Digest or something, lol.