Friday, February 29, 2008

I just don't always understand...


Over the last couple of weeks, I've been getting friends' requests on my yahoo messenger for guys I knew in the yahoo groups a few years ago. Each one disappeared and how they've resurfaced and want to chat 'intimately' with me. One guy who was really big in the romantic decadence poetry group calls me 'sweetness personified'. Back in the day, he used to email me poetry and wanted me to reply with poetry. The problem I had was that he was a rhymer...and I couldn't get into his method, so I didn't reply. Now he's sending offlines with poems..or partial poems. I've ignored him so far. I've changed a lot...and don't need 'online validation.'

There have been a few others who just want to know if I'm still free to cyber. I don't remember ever cybering with them. I added them to my list so I would know when they were online and thus remain invisible. It pays to keep those that bother you in your eyes' pathway.

But the one that sorta makes me confused is a guy I knew way before Yahoo--probably in 2000...we met in a NC singles chatroom and ended up going out a few times. Both of us were Scorpios...born just a day apart. I think we were just too intense for each other. When he touched me... in innocent ways, I felt electricity or static energy between us. It was as if he was sucking my essence out of me, just by touch alone.. So we never made it beyond 2 dates.

I didn't hear much from him afterwards..other than the occasional "I just found my dream girl" email. Well, he kept sending me friend's requests last week.. I decline a few of them but finally excepted. Last night he caught me in chat and told me he had gotten married in Dec 07...and wasn't sure it would work because the girl is a Virgo. I told him to give it a chance... and to try and keep things fresh. As I said good-bye after making sure he knew I was 'almost engaged'...he suggested we exchange numbers soon and talk one weekend while he was at work....

I didn't reply...just pretended not to be there. I don't understand why he wants to talk. We haven't in 8 years...beyond the occasional email a few years ago..I can't even remember the last time we did email... I'm thinking about 4 to 5 years ago. We have nothing in common...and if he's newly wed and happy, why contact me??? I'm sure there are local people he can talk to who want to be his friend.

This just baffles me a bit... I'm sure it will fade away ... it always does.

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