Thursday, February 28, 2008


There are a few places in town that I like to get gas at. My favorite one is on the edge of town and I use the back road to get home, which takes me through the swamp. I noticed the other day that there are a lot of dirt paths leading into the thick woods and I wondered where they lead. But I am not brave enough to follow least not by myself.

On the main road I live off of, there’s a pond with a couple of houses on it. Really nice. There’s a horse pasture and a grave yard! I can’t help but wonder how the grave yard affects those people living there... Looking at it across the pond. I can imagine how the horse pasture effects them.. Peeyou!

I’ve been thinking about the paths and the grave yard for a few days now... Two short stories are forming in my head about women who can’t fight the urge to explore the paths and the grave yards to see what’s there, regardless of the consequences. I’ll call the series “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”

Few people know that “Satisfaction Brought it Back.”

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