Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Cup of Coffee... Please

I hate Mondays, but not as much as Thursdays because sometimes I think Thursday is Friday and when I realize I'm mistaken, I get angry at Thursday for the deception.

I had a very calm and quiet weekend. Saturday night I watched Mystic River. A very good movie. I have the audio Book and the movie followings it pretty close. Then I made a mistake...I pulled some things out of a closet and disrupted the whole evening. I should have stayed out of the closet because I was putting stuff back in it until 2 am.

Sunday Mom and I drove over to Holden Beach to see Granny. It was a pleasant drive, although my Mom scares me. She tends to drive with her elbows while doing crazy stuff, like putting on hand lotion. To keep from snatching the wheel, I stare at the passing tree lines... a blur that doesn't require much thought and try to think of safe things like...teddy bears or chocolate.

Granny was in a pretty good mood. We did some stuff around the house to help her out, like dusting the furniture, taking down her Christmas tree and hiding the bleach. Granny thinks every item of clothing needs bleach in the wash--not just a drop but at least half the bottle. I think almost every dark item of clothing she owns is now a lighter shade of pale.

We got home at a reasonable hour--around 5 ish. My youngest nephew is sick with a flu like bug, so we dropped in to see how he was doing. I call him my baby bird and I hate it when he's not chirping.

When Mom dropped me off at the house, my brother was home from spending the weekend at my Uncle Bobby's. His friend Ricky came over and they got the DSL running--so now the PC is back up. A word of advice...if your copy of Windows does not validate and you get a warning from Microsoft to validate it. Do so...and if it fails validation, all you have to do is tell them you bought your copy from someone and didn't know it wasn't a real one (I did.. I bought mine from an ebay store last July and the store is no longer in business), they will give you a free product key to use to reinstall Windows)...if you don't.. they will cut your ass off and you won't be able to log on to the internet...

I watched two movies last night... Gaslight..the old black and white film ( from free on demand movies)-such a fantastic movie and American Psycho which was on HBO. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened at the end? I believe I blinked or had a mind fart or something... but that movie sucked eggs. I lost it when the villian chased the hooker... he had a chainsaw and was wearing nothing but blood and sneakers. Why sneakers? I guess it's an 80's inside joke or something. Maybe I'll go to the wikipedia site and see if it's there... to get some insight on what the hell happened. I like's a status I employ but I don't like it in films--at least not to that extreme.

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