Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm bubbling over with happiness today.

I got to Al's house at about 4:30. I let myself in and the house was real quiet. I knew he was probably sleeping because he worked the night before and had errands to do that morning. So I said hi to the cat, put my stuff on the table and slipped my shoes off before slipping into bed with him.

He woke up and promptly pulled me into a total body embrace. We stayed like that for a very long time, not speaking but kissing softly, then deeply, then softly..and so a vicious cycle was born. But neither of us minded. We were so happy to be together again. We finally broke apart long enough for me to give him a total body massage from the top of his head to the tip of his toes...ok..not a total body massage since his privates are still off limits, though I did get to massage his sexy ass.. How I managed not to ravish him...I guess I'll chalk it up to sheer will power.

We made a delicious dinner of blackened catfish fillets, steamed broccoli, baby lima beans and a salad. Then hung out until it was time for bed. We talked, we laughed and my heart is full of our love today. My happiness is too hard to contain... I'm glowing and everyone can see ... and as the mailman said, "Glowing is always a good thing."

I love this man...with every fervored grain of my body...with each molecule of air I inhale. I feel recharged, ready to face life again...and in a few more weeks, his second job will end and we'll be back to spending more time with each other. This time apart ( 17 days) has proven to both of us how much we enjoy each other's presence, how much we need it to recharge and face whatever life has tossed at us. Like Al said last night, "We fit together."

And did I say I'm happy today?

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