Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calls to Me

Today I noticed the first blade of green grass,
pushing up through autumn leaves
that find solace in winter’s arms.

Not far away was the first daffodil,
tender petals of buttery yellow
challenging the sun’s brilliance.

I should rejoice in these sights,
knowing spring is close at hand;
days of rebirth and second chances.

But I miss the sea; salt on my lips,
winds that whip my hair into submission,
alabaster sand under my bare feet.

My soul wants to bathe in the ocean,
baptized in foam and sunlight
that reflects in mermaid eyes.

The song of seagulls carried on the wind
whispers a tune in my heart;
the words a sigh that breathes salt.

My mind’s eye pictures the twisting surf,
clinging to me like a lover’s embrace
with every inch of me touched and caressed.

Cobalt blue skies at sunset; light pink dawns
and the mysteries of sorrow in every drop
of teary water calls to me, beckons me home.

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