Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Romance on Valentine's Day

I won't be getting any... Al has to work both jobs and also work the weekend. So I won't go over there. NO sense in driving 38 miles to watch him sleep and tip toe around.

He told me tht he wanted to make me a romantic dinner but he wouldn't have an evening free until next Wednesday. I really have little choice in the matter so I said yes.

I told him years ago...when we were first dating that a dozen red roses on Valentine's day or a box of candy or perfume or any other frilly feminine thing didn't mean as much as something that you put your heart and soul a romantic dinner or a love letter.

When I was engaged, Charles bought me dozens upon dozens of red roses, peach roses, pink roses, yellow roses, mixed flowers, gave me cards that said how much he loved me and all the while he cheated on me. Thus, canceling all of the above.

I know that many think that Valentine's day is a consumer spending day to steal your money on cheap paper cards, generic chocolate, roses and even jewelry. But that's their choice on how to view or use the day. Me... I like to express beyond the usual "I love you" how much my love means to much this love empowers me, lifts me to the stars to look down at heaven...

so yes, I can wait another week...after all Feb. 14 is just a's not a feat of love.

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