Friday, February 08, 2008

Life & lemons & tigers & bears..Oh My

What a flippin' week! It's been a wild ride but I managed to stay on without having to eat dirt.

First the PC at home wouldn't connect to the internet because the copy of Windows XP I bought last July was pirated. But sweet ole Microsoft gave me a new product number--aren't they just the cuddliest thing around--and I had to reformat the PC...alls I have to do now is download a network driver and I'm all set.

Then my truck died in traffice Wed terribly inconvenient. I was at one of the worse intersections in the city. Luckily people who knew me came by and helped get me off the road... my Uncle Jerry came and we got it going, but it stopped again (the fuel pump kept sticking). He towed me to his auto mechanic and they're working on it right now. Let's hope it gets fixed right this time.

I had plans to go see Lady BJ (an online friend I know off line) but I guess I'll stick around the house and test drive the truck before I get on open roads.

Al's working two jobs this weekend. He started working at Harris Jewelry in the Mall and the pay is much better than at Food Lion Distribution, plus he doesn't have to do all that driving and work 3rd shift. I am glad he's taking the jewelry job. We haven't talked hardly at all this week. Feels like it's a dream. He gets home from Food Lion at 8:15 am, goes to bed and sleeps til 2:45, works at Harris till 9:30 pm, rushes home and changes then drives 40 some mins to Dunn to work 3rd shift. I think he has a few days left. I caught him this morning for a min and he sounds so exhausted. I told him to hang in there... it would be over in a few days.

I know he wishes I would go up there. But I don't see the point and too...the truck needs to be tested around town before I get on I-95.

So I guess I'll do some stuff around the clean out my bedroom closet and make room for new spring clothes..

oh yea..that's the ticket!

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