Monday, February 25, 2008

Survey says...

Since Al is working 2 jobs until March 8, I went over on Saturday to help do some housework and cook him some food so he wouldn't have to. I baked chicken thighs, fried some sage covered pork chops, made some chili and some black bean soup... did some laundry and swept his floors.

Of course half way through it all, I thought "What the HELL am I doing???" But I knew he appreciated it and that was my reward.

At around 6 pm, I was finishing up the dishes when the phone rang. I figured it was him but it wasn't. The caller was a guy from India.

"May I speak with Allen?" he asked.
I said, "Hmm... he's not available."

"May I speak with household member about survey of Office Depot?" he asked.
"Hm...hold on for a second," I said. I pulled the phone from my ear and held it towards the cat saying, "Here...kitty... here...kitty, do you want to talk to nice man?

I could dimly hear the man saying "Miss...Miss...who you calling for survey? Miss..MISSSSS?"

I put the phone back to my ear and said, "Hmmm she doesn't want to talk to you."

He said, "Was that cat you calling just now?" He didn't wait for an answer and rushed on with "Cat not person. I talk to household member only."

"But..But... the cat is a household member. She likes Office Depot. In fact we all do. So you don't have to survey us. Just check "great, we love them" to all your questions."

He cleared his throat, then sighed and said, "I call Allen later."

I said empathically, "No you won't. He works 3rd shift and if he's disturbed before it's time to wake up, his wrath is like the finger of God ... destroying all in his path."

The India guy didn't say anything for a moment and I really thought he had hung up on me. Then he said, "Ok Miss. We not survey your household. No call back. Ok?"

"Great," I said, "Oh and we really do love Office Depot. Don't forget to write it down."

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