Friday, February 01, 2008

Finally a Breath

Today wasn't so bad! I finished some hand-coloring and printed some order forms and price lists.

A friend of mine also asked me to format an 11-page business proposal for him. Seems his Vista keeps screwing up the text and headings in his word program.

I've decided to post my blah writings in my yahoo starry journal, so that I won't bore everyone. Sometimes it's best to keep private thoughts just that.

Talked to Sam yesterday... he gave me an idea of what to write for my friend Steve's upcoming e-zine. So I'm working on that this weekend while Al works.

William got great marks on his report card. His teacher wrote a note "Great job. I'm proud of William." ...well, teach so am I. We work hard at his homework and math. I had to help with fractions last night... mixed numbers, etc. He said, "I think you're a Mathmatologist." William speak for "Fraction Genius."

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