Monday, March 03, 2008

William Rocked

William made an A+ on his oral presentation. He got the highest grade in the class and was the best presenter. He's proud of himself...and told Mom that when I saw his grade I would scream with joy.

Glad she told me ahead of time that I was suppose to scream with joy... so I did. He grinned at me and I felt all the pride he had... how it shined in his eyes and I almost cried.

He's come so far... and it's been a long road to travel. I'm glad I've been there to hold his hand and to guide him over the rough spots. The journey is far from over, I know...and there will be rougher roads ahead, but today... for now... my heart is full of love and pride.


Bob said...

*Applause and confetti!* That is awesome news, good for him!

John said...

As you well know, I know exactly where you are emotionally. it is amazing when that happens. Yes, there will be more challenges ahead. There always are.

Celebrate the this one though. They mean so much!