Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rednecks, beer cans and homemade wine

I had a nice weekend at Al's. He worked during the day and I spent some time relaxing and doing little cooking some killer meals. I was in the mood to cook something different ...and didn't have my recipe books with I sorta invented a few dishes (well, maybe not invented them...more like created my own recipes).

I didn't cook Friday night. Al had leftovers because I had already eaten and didnt' feel like cooking. Saturday morning, I cooked steak and eggs... yummy... Al was happy and I sent an extra steak with him for his lunch. He left for work at around 2 and I spent the day doing some laundry and shopping.

For supper, I cooked some coconut rice, sauteed shrimp and some early peas. I melted butter in olive oil and sauteed some minced garlic, once it was soft and not quite brown I added the shrimp and cooked them until they were slightly pink and curled up.
The rice was cooked in coconut milk and salt... I added about a 1/4 of a cup of water to the c. milk and cooked the rice in that... I swear it was all 'melt-in-your-mouth' good. I'll have to add the recipes to my cooking blog later.

So after dinner, I cleaned up and Al watched TV. Al tends to channel surf when nothing's on. I did up the dishes by myself because he tends to get in the way when he's helping. After I finished, I sat beside him on the couch. He stopped on a show called "My Big Fat Redneck Wedding." The bride-to-be was showing her mom where her wedding was going to be a flea market...and how she wanted bales of hay in certain spots...and that the aisle to the alter was to be directed between pool tables...if someone wanted to play pool before sitting down, that would be ok with her.

Tom Arnold hosts the show and would pop up with commentary remarks through the thing... and we laughed our asses off. The bride and groom went to the florist and told her that they didn't want anything 'foo foo' for their wedding... so the groom gets an idea and polishes off his tall boy beer that he had in a paper bag...cuts the top off and adds some stuff that was sitting on the counter ... some sort of dried straw and tells her to put flowers in it. The florist was like "You want me to make your arrangements out of beer cans?" The bride says, "I think it's kinda cool."
As the happy couple leave the place, he pees her name in front of the store. The Bride says, "I can't believe you peed my name in front of her store. It's cool but you forgot to dot the i" (her name is Gail).

They decide to have a beer can arch...and the groom supplies the empty "Bud" cans for it.

The dress arrives from the internet...a size 8, when it should be a size 28! But the helpful groom does his best to get her in it...kept saying 'Hold it in.' An oversized shoe horn wouldn't have gotten her in that dress, much less him.

The wedding day arrives and the bride's lost her teeth but don't worry...her mom offered to let her use hers. They find it. She poly-grips it and the wedding begins.

Before the wedding the groom along with his granny worked on his vows...I can't remember all of the bad rhyme but part of it was 'you're hotter than hot pockets." And granny pipes in "I looOOOove hot pockets." After hearing all of it, she offered him some polite terms she told him it sucked and to work harder. But he pulled off a really touching vow at the wedding.

When the preacher pronounced them husband and wife, instead of releasing doves...they released chickens...but that's only a side bar...they had a mechanical bull at the reception and did a mating-dance-ride on about my eyes seeing more than I wanted...

it was really funny. I can't give it justice in this blog.

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