Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To the Future...Not the Past...

When I got home yesterday early evening, William and Ben were in the den watching a television show... I think it was ICarly! Anyway, I had my shoes off and Ben who misses little said, "Aunt Sherrie, there's a hole on your toe."

The sock on my right foot had a hole at the big toe. I said, "Oh, it's just trying to escape. It wore through the sock. That's how toes escape, you know."

Ben looked down at his socks--they were holeless. I asked, "Where do you think a toe would go if it could escape off your foot?"

His eyes grew big and he said with 6-year-old enthusiasm, "NEW YORK!"

I laughed, "Is that where you would go if you could escape?"

"NO, I would go to the future so I could play with you, Mommy and Uncle John when you were little."

"The future? But we would be older not younger. You would have to go back to the past to play with us." I smiled to myself. Kids and their confusion on things!

"I CAN"T. I wasn't born then."

Talk about a loss for words! And no matter how I explained that if he could go to the future, he could go to the past---he still held to his idea of "I wasn't born then." I would love to see Bill Cosby handle this one.

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