Friday, March 28, 2008

80 Degrees and chilly!

We're at almost 80 F degree weather but it's chilly with wind gusts. Some of the neighborhood kids were flying a kite this morning when I left for work. I hope they don't lose it to my huge magnolia tree like Charlie Brown... maybe the tree will eat a few of the kids instead.

Guess I've been reading too much of Bentley Little of late.

Our weekend weather doesn't look so lovely and warm... high's in the mid-to-upper 50's. I hope next weekend is warmer. I'm having a yard sale next Saturday.

Tomorrow night I'm treating myself to a movie at the Omni 8 (a budget theatre--$2 before 6 and $3 after). I've finally narrowed it down to the Eye. I think that movie is worth a few bucks. Thought of seeing I am Legend but I know they've changed the story and don't feel like going..."oh man, why did they do that?" through most of the show.

Al has to work until 9:30 pm, and the Tarheels (Go Heels) are playing around that time, so I know what he'll do. He's off Sunday...don't know what we'll do. He hinted that I should wait and go to see a movie Sunday but I how what he'll pick... Meet the Spartans..and I don't think I can sit thru that without getting high or drunk first...since I don't do either...watching it at the theatre is an non-option.

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