Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at my house

We had a pleasant Easter at my house. I called my sister's house at around 9 am and got her answering machine. I figured they were out for breakfast and left a crazy message on the machine. I disguised my voice and pretended to be the Easter Bunny, asking "Where are my Eeh-ehggs?" But I was wrong...Lisa and the boys were there, screening calls. We chatted a minute and made plans for an Easter Egg hunt at 2 pm or so... though it ended up being at 3, because Granny was taking a nap at 2 and we didn't want to disturb her.

I hid a bunch of plastic eggs all over the place. My Uncle Jerry came by to inspect my work and proclaimed me a genuine Easter Bunny Assistant. He stayed a while and then when back to his place. It was a nice day. I stayed outside, watching the birds fly around until my sister and the boys arrived.

The boys arrived and jumped right into finding eggs. Here they are overlooking at least 3. I hid them well. PS... here's one of my bedroom windows.

Ben found his Easter Bunny surprise.. a PC game from Cars (the disney movie). Hasn't he grown a lot this year.

And here's William pointing at something...probably an egg ...to my sister. He's almost as tall as I am...and I'm 5'4".

We had a great early dinner of Beer Butt Chicken and other things. Then banana pudding..so yummy. Ben told his Dad that I was the Easter Bunny because I hid the eggs for the hunt. Mom asked him how in the world could I be the bunny, when I'm a girl. He said that "When Aunt Sherrie touches the Eggs, she turns into the Easter Bunny, hides the eggs and then turns back into Aunt Sherrie."

Who can argue with that? He and Lisa dyed real eggs the night before but we didn't hide them, because he named each one. And wanted to eat them himself... the one he's holding is named "Baldy" because it's the only one he didn't dye. I feel sorry for my sister, especially if he ate 12 eggs last night.

Peee uuuuu...

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