Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inherit... the wind...

I got my blue eyes from my father. My mom has brown eyes. This morning we were discussing it...she and I while I was putting my make-up on. William sat playing at the computer and I was watching him, making commentary remarks etc. I had the hand-held mirror and made a comment about my eyes being so blue.

So the discussion began... after Mom left the room, I mused aloud, "Well Ben has my eyes. I guess he inherited it from me." Looking over at William, I wondered aloud again, "Hmmm... Ben has my eyes. I wonder what I gave you, William."

Never missing a click of the mouse as he battled Pirates, he said, "My Identity."

I laughed and returned to the mirror, only to look over it at him. The things he says...sometimes have deeper meanings that he isn't aware of. Did he get his identity from me... no, because he's an individual, but... I believe I've helped mold it, helped him become the young man he's becoming--smart and witty... and so loving. One day when he's ready, I'll watch him soar as he inherits the wind...takes on the world.

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