Monday, March 17, 2008

UNC Tarheel's #1 Seed

I'm very proud of my Tarheel's. Not only did we win the Conference championship, we won the ACC championship and are THE #1 Seed going into the big dance.

We played Clemson for the ACC title and it was a nail-biting game. Our first contact with them went into 2 overtimes, our second went into 1 overtime and the champ game didn't... we won by 5 points and it was truly a great game. Clemson is a fierce team and I think they'll go a good ways into the dance.

Sorry J... looks like that little school in Philly is gonna play them this week...maybe they'll beat Clemson. I hope so...but...well, Clemson is really good.

Back to the 'Heels...can they win the NCAA champ... I think so.. I really do.

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John said...

We're really good too, but I don't know if we're really that good. We shall see.