Thursday, March 06, 2008


Tuesday evening I went over to Lisa's to help William with his math and paragraph using 10 of his spelling words. I knew it would be hard for her to help him with them because she sucked in school... haha that sounds terrible...I mean she wasn't a good student.

When I pulled into her drive, the front door was open and there was a happy face at the door. Not Ben or William but Champ the dog. When he saw me, he actually did a double take...and I could see the door shaking--he was trying to get out to get me.

I stepped into the house and he went crazy, running in circles, jumping up and doing a funny little howl. I picked him up and he promptly licked my face. Never one for dog spit, I put him down and he still went crazy, which irritates my sister. She says, "You're the only person he acts up around." He got into trouble for barking. I felt bad for him. He can't help it if he goes nuts over a gorgeous woman :))

So... I go into the kitchen where William is working on a writing assignment. About a Leprechaun named Kyle. (He had to type it last night ... )

Kyle the leprechaun

One cold day in March I was walking in the woods. Little did I know a leprechaun just popped up from the bushes. Psspt the leprechaun said! I'm not gonna hurt you. What's your name I said. My name is Kyle, Kyle the leprechaun. I've lost my pot of gold, Kyle said. I'll help you. Thank you, Kyle said. We walked for one mile to find the pot of gold. Gosh this is long, Kyle said. We're almost there to find the pot of gold. I finally thought that we past the forest. I started getting angry about it. Where is the pot of gold? What are you doing , Kyle said. I am screaming that's what I'm doing. After that we walked five more miniutes to find the pot of gold. Guess what we found the pot of gold. I was happy for this to happen! Finally after that Kyle the leprechaun had vanished into thin air. It was finally over.

While he worked on it, Lisa and I chatted over coffee while Champ either jumped up on my leg for me to pet or brought a variety of toys for me to toss. A few times he tried to crawl up my leg and into my lap but I knew if he did, my face would be a sopping wet mess. To entertain Ben, I got Champ to stand on his hind legs and dance with me.

Once the Kyle story was over, William and I worked on his math which was about ounces, pounds, pints, quarts and cups. He breezed through it. Once it was finished, William took my hand and said, "Let's talk a moment." Lisa was at the sink washing dishes. I figured after writing such a great leprechaun story he deserved a moment of rest.

We spent a little time talking about the "Spiderwick Chronicles." He wants a journal like the one in the book. (I got him one off Ebay--but am saving it for Easter). After about 5 minutes of repetitious conversation, I asked what did he want to write about. He couldn't think of anything and turned the subject back to the Spiderwick obsession. Most of his spelling words were about careers like actress, painter, investor, chemist, etc... I suddenly got an idea..I said, "Hmmm.. William... what fantastical creature would make a great chemist?"

He thought for a moment...then said, "An ogre...he would make a mysterious chemist." Then I said, "Why don't we write about The Field Guide to Fantastical creatures and their careers."

He jumped on it and we had his paragraph written in no time and it was really cute and humorous. My sister was totally blown away. When we finished, William ran off to play in his room and she said, "How do you so that? I had a meeting with his teacher yesterday and she praised the work you've done with William. At first she kept saying 'you're doing great with him at home...whatever it is you've been doing, keep doing it,' I finally told her it was his Aunt who works with him. She said she would like to meet you. I'll let you know when we're having the next conference."

I didn't say anything. I sort of felt sorry for Lisa. I imagine it took a lot to admit to his teacher that she's not the one who's helped him come along so far.

And all the while, Champ sat at my feet or on my feet or trying to get into my lap. As she finished telling me what William's teacher said, she looked at Champ and said, "Champ doesn't usually act like this with other people who drop by."

I stayed a while longer, talking to her about other stuff. Then noticed the time--I had been there 2 hours! I got my keys and stood by the door talking to Lisa about some things going on with Dad. Champ kept jumping up on my leg again. I picked him up and held him like a baby, rocking him back and forth a bit. Then put him down. He ran around the house getting toys and putting them at my feet. I finally said good-bye and tried to get out the door but Champ was blocking the path.

Lisa said, "I don't know why Champ likes you so much!"

And from the couch came a small voice, "Because she's part poodle."

Ben! Man of Theories and Power Rangers.

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