Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yahell, typing and dot coms

My main issue today is my battle with yahoo mail--it's not being Sherrie friendly. I had to run to to check my mail because it keeps sticking. A few weeks ago I switched to the new beta version that has the inner chat feature. It's ok. I will give it an A-, mainly because I can chat in email. It shows if I have offlines, etc, just like yahoo messenger but without the extra window. I love it.

Chatting is very humorous for me like when John pops by and we're chatting away. As he types the area above the typing slot usually says 'j s is typing' but there are occasions when it says funny stuff like:

"The Word of J S is being delivered."

"J S should really learn how to type with more than just 2 fingers."

"Stand by for a message from J S."

"Brace yourself for another ingenious dispatch from J S"

"J S is Typing! J S is Typing!"

"J S is in the Zone, Prepare for an AHA moment."

and my favorite: "A Thousand Monkeys are Jumping on J S's Keyboard."

These little nuggets are almost as funny as the messages you see on Taco Bell sauce packs.

But as always, Yahoo has to keep touching their hair and rearranging it, and on these days some other part of their site is affected, most often it's mail. I guess once they change the 360 sites into whatever feature they deem is best, that things will get better with their beta mail and I won't have to beg it to open.

On to another subject .... I've decided to get another website. I wanted to get the domain name but it's taken... yea how dumb is that... and so is and I'm sorta leaning towards what I want to do is put my art, my writing and also my photo restorations on it... so I'm tryng to find a name that will blend with all of the sides that I possess.

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It happened to me today. =)