Thursday, March 27, 2008


Back in Jan, we had a brief bout of snow. I took some photos while it was snowing and they all came out OK, although you couldn't tell it was snow--looked like rain coming down. So hours later, after the snow stopped there was a small accumulation, not much--just enough to semi-cover the ground. I opened the sliding glass door in the breakfast nook and took some photos.

And got Orbs! I could understand them if it were snowing but it wasn't. Nor was I outside the glass door. I just leaned out a bit and snapped some shoots. What's really weird is that the last night shot I took, I didn't really get any orbs. If it were a glare on the lens that shot would have had them too..I'm puzzled over this. (click on the photos to see enlarged version)

Below is a picture of Al's cat, Slick I took at the end of Feb. She likes to come into the kitchen when I'm in there and talk to me. She was talking to me when I snapped this picture. Then immediately fell on her side and put her paws over her eyes as if she were shy. When I tried to snap another shot, the camera wouldn't snap and made the noise it does when the battery is low...but the battery sign was full powered green. I kept trying on and off all weekend but no luck.

Now mind you, I didn't mess with the camera again until I got new batteries. The Friday before Easter, I took some photos of the tulips in my yard. It wasn't until I went inside to put the camera up that I realized I hadn't changed the batteries. Strange that it worked outside and not I tested it again on a photo of a painting I did...and the damn thing worked OK inside. And the same batteries are still in the camera. The batteries are still strong.

Over the weekend I took the Easter hunt photos without changing batteries. I wonder why I can't get the camera to work for long at Al's house. Maybe I'll try again this weekend to see what gives!

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