Tuesday, January 29, 2008

women and jewels... the myth

For the last few years, Al has been putting out resumes to different places. One of them was to a jewelry store, who was seeking people to fill management positions. I think he put in a resume back in September. Well yesterday they called for to schedule an interview. He's excited because it's a big chain and the starting pay is very mindblowing, plus the benefits are terrific.

He called me at 10:30 am this morning to ask me questions about jewelry. Questions like "Is 14k the standard on gold jewelry?"

I never give yes or no answers, so I said, "I wear some 10k because it's more durable than 14k, especially for every day wear. And from what I understand, the higher the carat of gold the weaker the jewelry."

He said, "Huh? Is 14K the standard on gold jewelry or not?"

I said (still refusing to answer yes or no. "Well, it's probably the most sold of all the carats."

He sighed and let it go... to move on to the next question. "What are the 4 C's in Diamonds. Isn't it cut, clarity, color and carat?"

"Hmmm, yes I think so. Sorry Al, but I don't know much about jewelry, other than what I wear."

He stammered, "But..but... you're a girl."

Flames flew from my eyes, which is a good thing that he wasn't there or he would have been insinerated. "Don't even go there. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I know every womanly interest like...jewelry...Mr. T knows more than I do. Hey... You're a guy but does that mean you know the working of an engine..."

He stopped me with a laugh, "ok, you're right. Sorry... I shouldn't believe every myth I hear about women."

"Well, believe the multiple orgasm one..."

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