Monday, January 28, 2008

Shrek 3...

Friday night, the nephews and I watched Shrek 3. They kept telling me that I was in the movie and when Snow White popped on the screen, they shouted, "There you are. That's you."

At first I wasn't impressed, until she said a few 'smartass things' and got mad at the woodland creatures for bothering her. When the Princesses burned the bra, and got ready to do battle, I was like "yeah...this is more like it."

As they escaped from the jail cell, and went into commando mode, William said, "Sherrie, this is our favorite part." Along comes Snow White--singing a beautiful song that entrances a gazillion woodland creatures. Even the Lords of The Ring Tree herders who are guarding the perimeter of Far Far Away are absorbed by her beautiful voice.

Then Ben jumps up and shouts, "There you are. That's you." And poof, Snow White issues a battle cry and all the woodland animals attack the Tree Herders. It was so completely awesome.

After that part of the movie was over, Ben said, "Snow White's tough like you are, Aunt Sherrie."

Never in my life have I been given such a cool compliment! I am honored more than they know.

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John said...

I was going to bypass Shrek III because I heard it wasn't nearly as good as the first two. Now...I have to rent it.