Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekend Football

I watched all four games. It amazed me how those guys played in a snowstorm. I felt sorry for the guys in short sleeves. What were they thinking? But I confess I was pulling for the Green Bay, so maybe the shivering cold helped.

And hated that the Patriots won. But what can you do. I wore my ECU sweatshirt and painted a big red 9 on my right cheek, hoping that it would help the Jags, but it didn't.

My next hope was that the Colts would win. But no...Payton fizzled and they lost. The Chargers played a good game but dang...what's up with giving the Colts fans the finger, Rivers? I told Al that if I were a player, I would ignore crap coming out of the stands. Heck, that's what fans of the opposing team is suppose to do...HECKLE.

And so the Cowboys hand the Giants a gift. T.O. never missed a smile for the camera, even when he dropped the pass. Way to go T.O... and I noticed that when the camera was on him before the game, he limped a little but when a wide angle shot was shown and he was walking over to talk to someone, I saw something missing...yea, the limp.

I think that the Patriots have been handed the Superbowl Trophy without even having to play the game. Maybe just maybe, Green Bay will win. Can you pull it off, Bret?

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John said...

Tony Boselli, ex-Jaguar tackle is on a local sports talk show, and he talked about the short sleeve theing. Don't feel sorry for those guys. they do it on purpose...to look tough. they want everyone to think they cold doesn't bother them...while they're freezing their asses off. Tony confesses...he used to do it. He'd never "stoop" to wearing sleeves. So ya see, it's their own stubborn fault.