Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday is Special Guest Star Day

I really used to dig The Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid. Oh those were the days...each day a special one.

My weekend was pretty good. A quiet one on a quiet street. Al and I hung out, watching games Sat night. Go Jags... I had on one of my old ECU tee's. David Garrard is an ECU alumni. Since my teams wigged out, I'm pulling for the Jags.

Sunday I goofed off a bit. Al took a long nap and I found things to keep me busy. BBQ-ed some chicken, since it was in the 70's. Hey where did the frigid cold of winter go?

At around 7:00ish, we caught the tail end of Duke's basketball game. But what we were really waiting for was the Carolina/Clemson game...and what a game! The #19 team almost beat the #1 seed--UNC. Talk about a nail bitter! Mine are all gone. Earlier that day, I read an article in the Fay O about UNC could make it a perfect season. I told Al that's a lot of pressure on them. And I think hard to live up too... and lord, if they didn't almost lose the game. But that final play was pure gold on UNC's part... and it won them the game.

I'll say this about Clemson--they are a strong team, young but very strong and I can see them being a #1 seed in a year or so.

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