Monday, January 28, 2008

my Weekend Report

I survived it. Al had to work 3rd shift Sat and Sunday, but I managed to entertain myself by cooking and doing laundry. It was weird in a away...trying to be quiet while he slept. We didn't have much time together.

Sunday I was actually able to spend a few hours at Barnes and Noble, reading and sipping expensive coffee.

He's off next weeekend, so we'll do the Superbowl dance and maybe cook some wings and other superbowlable food.

I've decided that instead of thinking of this whole change as negative, I'll turn it around into something positive, like maybe paint more or write more... or even go visit friends like BJ in Wilmington or Joyce in Greenville...

One really great thing about this is that I get to watch what I want to on Television while he's sleeping.

Yay me...

But there's one bad thing...I'm alone at night in a house I sometimes don't like. So sleeping was really difficult.

My today started off crappy though. Al got in from work at 8:15 am. He took a very long shower and drained all the hot water. So guess who took a cold and I didn't even need it... There's nothing worse than no hot water when you really need it to wake up. It set my mood and I haven't been able to shake it yet.

Maybe another sip of hot coffee will help... oh yea...that's the ticket.

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