Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow day

We had some snow flurries Saturday. I skipped work and drove on up to see Al. It was raining really hard and so dang cold... he was surprised to see me so early. We hung out for a while and talked.

That morning Ben had told me that it was going to snow. He kept looking out the windows, giving hourly reports. I told Al about it and he said, "We're not getting snow. Hate to disappoint the kid, but we're to far south of the storm. Kids don't understand how the weather works. "

Then I went to the IGA grocery store and behold...as I stood in the check-out line, big fat flakes of snow fell and I called Al... "Look out your window." He did and said, "Wow. Snow."
I said, "Guess who was right?" ...


"Yeppers, a kid."

I guess it snowed about an inch or so. It stopped that night and was a pretty sight the next morning. In fact, snow was still on the ground when I drove home yesterday.

It was too cold to work in the studio so I left early. Dad hadn't done a task I asked him to do (he had 3 days to do it) and I knew it would take most of the day, so I said, "See ya tomorrow."

So I went home and was told the TV in the den didn't work...that the picture was all scribbled. I thought it was probably the cable but my brother's worked, so I assumed it was a tube or something. The tv is a 32 inch screen and huge. But I moved it off the TV stand and put the small TV from my room in its place. Hooked up the cable and guess what...

it was the cable all along. So I called the tech number and they reset the signal. The TV was too hard to move the first time...from the stand to the floor, so I waited for Mom to stop by and we moved it back.

Schools out a few days. I kept the boys last night because Lisa's been at her job for 25 years and they gave her a party at work. The guys and I built a castle out of Legos. It's for rent if anyone needs a home. You'll have to put up with the dinosaurs that patrol the perimeter.

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