Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another year is here

Why does 2008 feel like 2007? I hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was nice. Al and I had a quiet evening with some friends. After being away for 4 days, I was ready to get back to work.

It's not so busy today, although I've got several photos to restore, none are rush jobs.

Talked to Sam last Thursday. He's very upset with Myspace because his poetry in blue group on myspace was hit by a squadron of spammers, posting 285 pages of spam that he couldn't delete. My space was of no help. He's deleting the group unless he's changed his mind. I've got a message from him at myspace but their site is screwed up. I think they're changing their homepage because mine is all crinkled and cramped together. None of the links work. SO I guess I'll check it out at home later tonight. Sam gets easily discouraged over things. The group had/has over 7000 people in it and it seems to be active. I think I would try to figure out how to get rid of the spam and keep the group. I'll talk to him tomorrow and find out what's going on.

It's finally cold here. I think the temp is in the lower 40's F. It was almost too warm this weekend--wet but warm.

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